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Wladyslaw & Nelli Turzanski Foundation
Fundacja Władysława i Nelli Turzańskich 1988-1998

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The book describes the history of the Wladyslaw & Nelli Turzanski Foundation and the biographies of its founders. The main goal of the foundation is to support publications that aim to debunk the falsehood of the communism in Poland after the second world war. The book also lists recipients of the foundation grants, both people and institutions, as well as its directors. (Year of Publication: 1998)


Ogniwa jednego łańcucha. 50 lat Federacji Polek w Kanadzie

Price - $15

This anniversary book describes activities of the Polish-Canadian Women's Federation over a period of 50 years. The federation has founded 24 branches across Canada, of which 16 are currently active. The biographical part of the book comprises the autobiographies of 74 members of the federation who dedicated their lives to help Polish newcomers enter a new society, become accustomed to new relationships and a new language. (Year of Publication: 2006)

Polishness: Roundable Discussion

Price - $5

This little book is an outcome of the conference "Polish in North America" organized in 1980 by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario and the University of Toronto Ethnic and Immigration Studies Program. The book contains participants' presentations and discussions in which, among others, they make an attempt to reconstruct and understand the North American experience and define Polishness. (Year of Publication: 1983)

Fundusz Wieczysty Milenium

Price - $12

The history of the Canadian Polish Millenium Fund is the main topic of the book by D. Bieżanek. The author thoroughly analyzes the inception of the fund, as well as its grow over time (i.e. the history of the "bingo" game, which the fund used to organized in the 70. and 80.). The goal of the fund is to promote and offer financial assistance for activities relating to Polish culture, assist students of Polish descent and Polish schools, libraries, academic institutions, the Polish Scouts and other Polish-community youth organizations in Canada. (Year of Publication: 2001)

In Search of Freedom

Price - $12

Jan Borowczyk, the code name Forester, writes in details about the adventures he had in his life. He divides his story into three parts: the years in pre-war Poland, the years in the second world war and the post-war years in England and Canada. He dedicates his autobiography to his family and believes that it will strengthen the bond of understanding with his children who should have pride of their Polish heritage. (Year of Publication: 2000)

Życie z bagnetem i lancetem

Price - $12

The book is a collection of memories of the author about his life and the lives of his friends. F. Bratek-Kozłowski describes facts and events taking into account the political and social backgrounds that influenced national feelings and hopes his generation had after the second world war. He also mentions his medical career and discusses his theories in the field of gerontology. (Year of Publication: 1989)

In the Footsteps of Polish Pioneers in the Canadian Prairies

Price - $30
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The authors have spent over 15 years crisscrossing the Canadian prairies in search of known and forgotten Polish settlements. The book contains extrordinary pictures of churches, chapels and other place of worship established or erected between 1899 and 1914 - many of which are slowly disappering from the prairie landscape. Preserving this remarkable history of the pioneer era is the lifetime project of the authors. (Year of Publication: 2018)

Sprawiedliwość, czyli istota moralności, zdrowia i prawa

Price - $15

The book is based on the Code of Social Justice that represents a pragmatic concept of a specific activity of the State and its agencies. The author discusses the social justice from the perspective of "the protection of society through the application of humane principles" (p. 251). A task-oriented sentence of the Code of Justice does not punish, but it imposes responsibilities and offers a challenging alternative to both crime and punishment: a legitimate, rewarding task that the offender is able to accomplish. (Year of Publication: 2006)

Exile: The Road to Knowledge. Fragments of an Intellectual Autobiography

Price - $12

From the Foreword by J. Wojciechowski: "[Grygier's] book is an unusual kind of intellectual autobiography. It is a scholarly document covering a wide range of disciplines [...]. It is a narration of intellectual adventures in the struggle between slavery and freedom, in the context of the war, deportations and genocide. It is written by an active participant in important historical events, in the framework of a consistent personal philosophy" (p. XI). (Year of Publication: 2002)


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