The Canadian Polish Research Institute

Kanadyjsko-Polski Instytut Badawczy

Est. 1956

Lectures and Conferences

Contact with and membership in international associations ensure the Institute’s participation in scientific conferences. For example, in August, 1974, the Institute participated in the VIII World Convention of Sociologists (Montreal). Over 2,500 sociologists from Europe, USA and Canada registered at the Convention. Workshop dealing with issues facing the Polish community in Canada was chaired by the director of the Institute, Mr. Rudolf K. Kogler. Several papers were presented at the workshop: Memoirs of Polish Pioneers in Canada by Mr. Benedykt Heydenkorn; Polish Peasants in Canadian Prairies by Joanna Matejko; Leaders and Influentials in the Toronto Polish Ethnic Group by Henryk Radecki; Problems of the Polish political Emigres in Canada by Jacek Adolf; Pastoral Care for the Immigrants by Fr. Piotr Taras.

Many lectures were organized in order to acquaint the Polish society with the problems that dealt with by the Institute and to bring closer people interested in the activities of the Institute. The subjects of the first three lectures delivered in Toronto were:

In the last few years, the Institute has presented a few papers at various conferences in Poland and Canada. It has also organized lectures on Polonia. The titles of the recent presentations are as follows:

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