The Canadian Polish Research Institute

Kanadyjsko-Polski Instytut Badawczy

Est. 1956

Cooperation with Canadian Archives

Our institute cooperates with Canadian archives. At the beginning, some documents were deposited in Public Archives in Ottawa by the Institute and some by private individuals and organizations. As a result of these direct deposits in Public Archives, the Institute was loosing control over such activities, or frequently learned of them after the fact. There was also the question whether Public Archives in Ottawa was the proper place to deposit archives of the Polish community in Ontario in view of the fact that documents dealing with settling of Kaszubs on the land along Opeongo Road, lists of names of settlers who were granted land were deposited in the Ontario archives, as well as some collections of documents of the Canadian Polish Congress.

In 1976-1978, the Institute initiated close cooperation with Ontario Archives and Multicultural History Society of Ontario that is associated with it. Ontario Archives ensured that the Institute was able to deposit some of its documents and archives in a place that offered modern conservation techniques, as well as cataloguing and registration by an archivist who spoke Polish.

Independently of this, in the eighties, the Institute donated some of its materials to the University of Toronto; for most part these were statistical data pertaining the pre- and post-war Poland. In October, 1990, the National Archives organized an exhibit of Polonica in Ottawa.

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